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The GregMAT Full Practice Tests

What are they?

They are full GRE-styled practice tests (the shorter format, so 12 questions each for first quant/verbal section, and 15 questions for the second).

Where can I find it?

We currently have three practice tests, which you can find at for Practice Test 1 for Practice Test 2 for Practice Test 3

We are working on releasing more of these tests.

Are they free?

Yes. You do not need a GregMAT+ subscription to access these tests, but you do need to create an account on the site (which is free).

Are these questions from ETS? Where are these questions from?

They are not ETS questions. Us at GregMAT write them, so the questions and scoring will not be as good as ETS.

How can I review a past attempt?

See this page.

How can I get extra time?

See this page.

Is the essay scored?

Not at this time. You can however use ChatGPT or similar to review your essay response with a suitable prompt.

Can I pause the test?

What to keep in mind

Yes. You'll see a list of caveats before pausing the test.

You must NOT click "Begin Quiz" when resuming a test, otherwise the saved data will be lost.

I'm having trouble taking the tests - it seems to be skipping sections?

Seems like you might be logged out - please try the test on a private window. This is something we're trying to fix.

Where can I find solutions for these tests?

After completing the quiz, you'll be able to see the solutions for each problem as a video for Practice Test 1. For Practice Test 2, solutions (and basic commentary) for most quant questions are available as text solutions, while we're working on releasing solutions for the rest.

Are the questions fixed on these tests?

Yes - so you'll get the same questions if you retake the test (barring a possible different second section).

The tests are section-adaptive however, just like the actual GRE. So your performance on the first section will determine the difficulty level of the second section for verbal and quant.

Can I have statistical data on these tests?

Detailed statistical data is available as a link after completing a full practice test (for PT1 and PT2). Statistical data for PT3 will be released once we have enough data to see how well students are performing.

Where can I find the "Full Quant Section" and "Full Verbal Section" quizzes?

We've retired them to make way for the full practice tests. The first full practice test incorporates some questions from the Full Verbal Section tests, while the second (future) full practice takes questions from the old Full Quant Sections as well. The Mini Exams remain available.

While it is possible to still access them for now by using the search bar at the top of the website, this is discouraged (unless you're reviewing an old response) as that risks spoiling questions you may see on the Full Practice Tests. We expect this "hack" to be removed in the near future.

Updated on: 14/07/2024

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