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Frequently Asked Questions about Greg Mat+

How does Greg Mat+ work?

The price was $5 per month till May 1st 2024.

You pay $8 a month and get access to all live classes per week (about 10 per week). Access means you actually participate in the class. You can also watch the recordings of ALL classes in the recorded video section of the member page.

You can optionally add PrepSwift for an extra $2 a month to get bite-sized videos (with associated quizzes), which can help if you're short on time.

Why a subscription model?

Most test prep companies offer a one-time fee, a one-and-done deal, but I was hoping to have more of an interaction with the students of Greg Mat+. I want them to have a say in what content is being offered each month. I want them to feel that the program is dynamic. The subscription fee provides me with an incentive to keep releasing new content that caters to what you guys are asking for.

For example, with the subscription model, many of the current students are asking for grammar courses. They can be accommodated more easily with this model than with the one-time fee payment one. It just makes us more flexible.

Will this raise my GRE score guaranteed?

No. No guarantees or sure things in test prep land. Just too many variables. And I don’t want to lie to you. But we’ll try our best.

Does Greg Mat+ cover other tests besides GRE?

Yes, we like to talk about TOEFL and IELTS. We also cover other topics like grammar and admissions/SOP (statement of purpose) advice.

However, GregMAT+ is not a good choice for GMAT preparation, as the resources available we have for that test are very limited (and nothing for the GMAT Focus).

We don't cover the GRE Subject Tests, however. Nor do we cover high school tests such as the SAT and the ACT.

We no longer use Discord for community and discussion platforms. You can use forums instead to post your questions, interact with other students, and share your test experience. You can access it here.

We used Discord until March 2021, and hence older videos can reference Discord (for homework, to give an example). Homework for a class is usually discussed in the next session for that class.

What happened to GregMAT's YouTube channel?

We're making it temporarily private (with a few exceptions) due to multiple copyright strikes by ETS (again) while we clarify with them on what's allowed and not.

How do I get PrepSwift?

See Subscription, account and refunds FAQ

I'd like to download videos - is that possible?

Yes - use the app (see below). This is useful if you're going to an area where you won't have internet connectivity.

The app must be used, and the video quality will be fixed at 360p (we've found this works well for mobiles, but might be a bit grainy on larger devices).

Is there a mobile app available?

Yes. We've released an iOS app, which is available on the App Store. The app also works on macOS devices with an M1 chip or higher. For Android, it's at the Play Store.

APKs for the Android version can be found at This can be used to install the app on supported Windows 11 systems using Windows Subsystem for Android (WSA).

Does Greg use official ETS materials in his classes?

Yes, because ETS material is best. However, he does not use practice test material (except the Big Book - see below), including the PowerPrep tests (both free and paid), with rare exceptions. This is to ensure that students can take these tests without seeing questions they may have already seen before.

The ETS material he uses hence come from the official quant/verbal guides published by ETS.

I have accommodations. Can I apply it in the quizzes and practice tests?

To an extent, but only in the full practice tests. Upon opening the test, you will see the option to select 25%, 50% or 100% extra time.

Students with approved breaks will need to use the "Untimed" option and manually time themselves, as the system does not support taking breaks during the test.

How do I review my previous quiz submissions?

You can use the review tool in the quiz to do this:

Step 1: Launch the quiz you would like to review the submission for

Step 2: Click "Begin" once the quiz is opened

Step 3: Click the "Review" (magnifying glass) button on the top right

Step 4: Click the "Select previous submission" dropdown and choose the quiz attempt you wish to review

Step 5: Click the question you want to review

Step 6: You can click the toggle button to switch between displaying your submitted answer and the correct answer

You're now in review mode, you can use the arrows on the top right to move between questions, or click the "Review" (magnifying glass) button to jump to a question quickly

Why is the "Upcoming Classes" section on the homepage blank?

This is usually because there are no more classes for the week, and that the schedule for next week hasn't been uploaded.

What is the "Big Book"? Where can I find the walkthroughs for the "Big Book"?

The "Big Book". This is not the GRE Official Guide or the ETS Super Power Pack.

It's a book of 27 old practice tests formerly published by ETS that correspond to the old version of the GRE (i.e, the one that predates the GRE before 2011). The quant tends to be easier (but is still useful for foundation practice and for students working below a 160 on the current quant) and the verbal contains components (such as antonyms) that are not on the current version of the test (but again, the rest of the test remains a valuable preparation resource).

Can't find the walkthroughs on our site? Due to ETS repeatedly copyright-striking our YouTube channel, we've removed some material from our site, such as the Big Book walkthroughs, while we try to find out with ETS on what's allowed (or not).

Where can I find the "Big Book"? All we can tell you is that it's online.

If you're using the Big Book to practice for quant, remember that you can't use a calculator, the time limits are different, and an 800 on the old quant maps to only a 166 on the current test. The Big Book quant cannot discriminate students beyond that. Here's a useful converter.

Updated on: 29/05/2024

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