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Solve Quant/Verbal Problems FAQ

What are they?

It's like a question bank, where you can practice quant and verbal problems.

You can find them here:

Can I filter them by content area and topic?

Yes. Use the Top Level Category and/or Tags sections for that:

Filtering by tags

Are the questions from ETS?

No. None of it. All of the questions are created in-house by the GregMAT+ team.

For verbal, passages and sentences may be taken from publicly available sources, including those licensed under CC (Creative Commons). Attribution is provided on the question upon clicking the "Source" button, where available.

Are the "Hard" and "Extreme" quant problems going to come on the GRE?

For Hard, maybe a few.
For Extreme, unlikely - the general consensus is that the difficulty of these problems are usually above that of the actual test. It's still good practice though.

What determines the difficulty label of a question on this page?

The acceptance rate.

I've accidentally reset my quant/verbal progress and need them back!

Contact the customer service representatives.

Updated on: 13/08/2023

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