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Study Plans FAQ

What are they?

They are structured plans that help you prepare for the GRE (and TOEFL).

While we don't have a formal study plan for IELTS, we do have a series of IELTS dedicated classes on GregMAT+.

We do not have a study plan (or classes) for the GMAT Focus - the (very limited) resources about the GMAT on our website are the "classic" GMAT that was retired at the end of January 2024. GregMAT in general is not a good choice for those looking to study for the GMAT.

How do I get access to the study plans?

It's on the website (top bar - see the "Study Plans" section). Note that viewing the study plan as-is is free and doesn't require an account - what you have to pay for is access to the videos and quizzes associated with the study plans (and the rest of the website). You get that by paying for the $8/month GregMAT+ subscription - there are no other fees (except if you want to use PrepSwift).

There is one exception: the "I'm Overwhelmed" study plan for the GRE makes heavy use of PrepSwift, and hence you need the $10/month GregMAT+ and PrepSwift subscription.

Accessing GregMat Study Plans

I'm unable to view the videos/quizzes in the "I'm Overwhelmed" study plan only

Students with this issue get told that they need to "subscribe" despite already having one apparently. The problem is that they only have a GregMAT+ subscripton - you need the PrepSwift add-on for this study plan.

Does completing the study plans guarantee me a higher/certain score?

No. We've tried our best, but we can't guarantee anything.

Do I get access to the ETS and Manhattan books used in the study plans?

No. You need to buy them yourself (or get them from other sources). The study plan will let you know at the beginning which books you need.

Can I finish the 1 month plan in two weeks (or the 2 month plan in one month)?

In general, that's unfeasible. The 1/2 month plans are rigorous, and students often report that they struggle to complete the plans within 1 or 2 months.

The only exception is if you can afford to skip one of quant/verbal entirely (as may be the case from your score goals, or your practice/past test scores) - but even then, this is not something we recommend. Even more so if you have to work during that time.

I'm struggling with the quant right at the beginning!

We've observed a few people complaining that they are struggling to solve the problems presented in the 1-hour videos. The recommended option is to use PrepSwift. This should give you a gentler ramp-up into the material with its bite-sized videos, plus it should take less time, giving you more time to absorb the material. You can still do the problems in the 1-hour videos as well optionally, while skipping the lecture itself.

Alternatively (or in conjunction), you can stretch the plan longer if you want, or make use of the "I'm Overwhelmed" study plan.

In fact, it's usually OK to miss a few videos as you go - both the 1 month (if you take the PrepSwift option) and 2-month plans include some buffer days that you can use to watch videos you may have missed in the last few days (or want to revisit).

Very weak in quant? If you're still struggling despite following the above suggestion, you may need to temporarily shift down into easier material. We would recommend Khan Academy - ETS provides a helpful mapping that shows which Khan Academy material covers a certain GRE topic. Once you get a grounding of the fundamentals, you can switch back to PrepSwift or the long videos. When using Khan Academy, make sure not to cover material that's out of scope for the GRE, such as trigonometry and vectors.

I can't see the answer choices

The four options for any QC problem

Might be a QC (quantitative comparison) question, where the options are always the same. See this page from ETS.

Where are the answers to the homework for a particular session?

Not applicable for PrepSwift videos

In the next session. For example, the homework of TC&SE session 1 is solved in session 2.

Can I use PrepSwift?

For quant: yes. The 1 and 2 month plans show you how to use PrepSwift as a replacement for the traditional 1 hour videos. You can use PrepSwift as a complete replacement (i.e, do the quizzes in the videos as a replacement to the traditional homework sessions), or as a supplement if you wish. Don't worry if the videos look "out-of-sync" (see next question)
For verbal: not as much. You can certainly use videos for reinforcement or even as a partial replacement. However, it's not as fleshed-out, and more importantly, there are almost no exercises for that section. For most people, sticking with GregMAT+ videos is a better choice.
For writing: We are getting there, but it's still incomplete, so no for most students.
For TOEFL: PrepSwift does not cover TOEFL.

The PrepSwift and the normal videos don't exactly align for the 2-month plan (in quant)

That's OK. The PrepSwift videos are arranged a bit differently - in the end, the same material would be covered.

What exactly should I complete per day?

We'll illustrate this with an example. Consider the first day of the second week of the 2-month plan:

Here's a table:

Only for those completing the 1-hour videosOnly for those completing PrepSwiftFor all students
Algebraic Expressions I and IIPrepSwift videos from Variables to Exponent Review PracticeQuant Mountain Days 1 - 3
Exponent RulesPrepSwift quizzes from Variables to Exponent Review PracticeReview Quant Flashcards
Algebraic Expressions PracticeVocab Mountain
Exponents PracticeVocab Flash Cards

Anything in the screenshot not in the table marked (Optional) is optional for all students. Additionally, this is not meant to be a hard-and-fast rule. For example, you can practice the exercises from the 1-hour videos even if you're doing PrepSwift if you like (but see the question above).

The Quant Flashcards and the Mountain are not optional, and should be completed irrespective of whether you're taking the PrepSwift route or not.

When will the "I'm Overwhelmed" study plan be finished? Why can't I see anything beyond module 12?

We don't know - but we're working on the plan as a priority.

Is the AWA (i.e, writing) covered in these plans?

While it's not the focus, yes. For example, the 1-month plan covers it in Week 4 (as an optional component).

I am working/can't finish the 1 (or 2) month plans in 1 (or 2) months.

You can spread the 1 or 2-month plans. So if you want to finish the 1-month plan in two months, you can do one day's work over two days.

Should I take the 1 or 2-month plan?

This is up to you, and depends on various factors. For example, if you have only one month, the 1 month plan is the natural option to take. If you have two months and are working, you may find it better to do the 1 month plan over two months, rather than take the 2-month plan.

Regarding the content: while the 2 month plan is more rigorous than the 1 month plan, both plans are suitable for the vast majority of students. The 2 month plan is a bit less intense if you take the PrepSwift option, as we have more time to cover the same amount of material.

How long does it take to complete a day of the 1/2-month study plan?

While it is not possible to give a definite answer due to each student's learning style, a crude estimate would be roughly 4 - 6 hours for the 1-month study plan, and a bit less for the 2-month study plan. As noted in an earlier answer, these plans tend to be demanding for most students.

I can't find the speaking tracks in the TOEFL Study Plan

This query is normally asked upon encountering something like the below:

This is when you play the specified track from the book

You'll need to get the official books - unfortunately, the copyright prevents us from providing these materials. You can find the link to purchase this book here (or get the audio from other sources): or

Is the TOEFL Study Plan suitable for the updated format (beginning in late July 2023)?


Does it matter if I get the second or third edition of the GRE Official Guide?

No; the study plans include page numbers for both editions where necessary.

Are the study plans suitable for the shorter GRE?

Yes; the material hasn't changed. The only thing is that any references to the argument essay can be ignored, as that's no longer on the test.

Updated on: 19/06/2024

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