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Subscription, account and refunds FAQ

Account Creation and Management

How do I Create a GregMat Account?

I registered with Google/Apple, how can I Log In without using Google/Apple?

How do I Change my Password?

Can I Change my Email Address of my Account?

How do I Delete my GregMat Account?

Subscription Management

How do I Subscribe to GregMat+?

How do I Cancel my GregMat+ Subscription?

How do I Add or Remove PrepSwift from my Subscription?

Can I Pause my Subscription?

Can I Buy a Subscription for Multiple Months at Once?


How am I Charged when I add PrepSwift?

Do you Offer Discounts?

Can I get a Refund?

Can I get a Free Extension for a Few Days?

What's happened on May 1st 2024?

The prices of GregMAT+ have increased - please see for more details. In particular,

the price for GregMAT+ alone will rise from $5 to $8
the price for GregMAT+ and PrepSwift will rise from $7 to $10

Note that this applies to both new and existing customers no matter how you subscribe.

How do I create a GregMat account?

Step 1: Register an Account

Step 2: Request an Activation Link

Step 3: Click the Activation Link sent to your Email

Step 5: Your Account will be Activated

Step 6: Sign in with your Account

How do I subscribe to GregMAT?

There are two methods to subscribe to Greg Mat+:


Go to You'll be pointed to Greg Mat+ homepage. You first will create a free account by registering. Once your account has been activated (via the activation link in your email), you can subscribe at the

If you register directly from the website, we only receive payment from credit and debit cards. If, after a few registration attempts, your cards are declined, please refer to this article for alternate payment methods.
Direct registration from website enables auto-renewal/recurring payment.

Step 1: Sign in with your Account

Step 2: Click the "Subscribe" or "Pricing" button

Step 3: Select an Plan and Subscribe your Account

In some cases, auto-renewal will be automatically disabled, such as if the user submits a late payment. In such cases, simply resubscribe.

Services Page

The second method to subscribe to our platform is through services page. Scroll down and you'll see all products we offer. Select one of two packages: one-month or three-month plan.

One-month Greg Mat+

Three-month Greg Mat+

Registration through services page provides alternate payment methods for members: PayPal and Google Pay.

After you complete the payment, if you included your email address, you can expect automatic activation. If your account is not active, you can talk to one of our customer representatives to inform them about your payment and we'll manually add you to one of the plans immediately.

Note: Registration from Services Page requires users to renew or extend the subscription manually.

You can use this method to add PrepSwift when you subscribe as well - there are separate links for that at

How do I cancel my GregMAT+ subscription?

Cancelling a subscription

If you want to cancel both GregMat (+ PrepSwift), you can cancel your subscription by logging into your account on GregMat, clicking on your profile page at the right corner, and clicking on the "cancel my subscription" option. It's that easy - you don’t need to do anything that annoying to cancel.

You'll retain access to all materials till your subscription expires (which will be the next billing cycle).

If I cancel my subscription, will I lose any data (such as quiz scores)?

No. All your data will continue to be stored, and if you choose to resubscribe, you'll regain access to all data you have with us (such as prior quiz attempts and colours used for the quant mountain).

If you delete your account (see the end of this page) however, all data will be lost - this cannot be reversed.

How do I upgrade/add/downgrade PrepSwift?

This assumes that you already have a GregMAT+ subscription and want to upgrade to PrepSwift.

This will not work if you've subscribed using; contact the customer service representatives in that case to add PrepSwift.

Go to, where you'll be provided an option to add PrepSwift to your subscription. The same process applies if you want to downgrade your subscription by removing PrepSwift (but not cancelling your subscription entirely - see the previous question on how to do that).

How am I charged when I add PrepSwift?

The answer is that we won't charge you immediately - we'll instead charge you on your next billing cycle pro-rata. Suppose your billing cycle occurs at the first of every month, and you choose to add PrepSwift on the 15th of the previous month. In that case, you'll be charged about $11, which covers the ($8 + $2) GregMAT + PrepSwift subscription fees every month, and an additional $1 for the PrepSwift half-month before that billing cycle.

If you cancel the subscription before the end of the first billing cycle following your adding of PrepSwift, you will still be charged the fee for the period between adding PrepSwift and the billing period - so $1 in this case.

Do you offer discounts?

No - GregMAT+ is already designed to be affordable!

Can I get a refund?

Please do not file disputes or chargeback requests with the card issuer if at all possible; this ends up delaying the refund process even if we decide to give you one. Contact the customer service representatives instead.

The website reminding users of the refund policy before allowing users to subscribe

Kindly note that the charge for Greg Mat+ is recurring and your account will be billed $8 (or $10) each month until you cancel (this only applies if you register directly from our website). Due to fees on our end, we unfortunately do not offer refunds on subscription fees, including but not limited to if somebody forgets to cancel the recurring charge on their account. Users do have the option to easily cancel their account online by clicking the blue icon in the bottom right corner.

If this doesn't apply to you (for example, you did cancel before the billing cycle), please contact the customer service representatives. This also applies if you don't even have an account on the site but are getting charged (this can be a case of the credit card being compromised).

We've had some users complain that their subscription keeps on renewing despite their cancelling it. This can happens when people have used multiple accounts to register on the website - please don't do that (and particularly be careful of registering with an educational email address, which usually expires a few months after graduation). If you're in this situation, please check all email addresses you could have used to register. If this isn't possible, contact the customer service representatives.

Additionally, it's the user's responsibility to cancel before the next billing cycle - we do not accept requests for refund when the subscription auto-renewed seconds/minutes/hours before the user cancelled the subscription. You'll get an email when a subscription has been cancelled - if you don't get such an email, please check your spam and let us know if you can't find it.

Note that subscriptions purchased from are not recurring.

I only need to use the website for a few more days! Can you give a free extension?


Can I pause the subscription?


Do you offer free trials?

Most videos on YouTube are currently unavailable as ETS has filed multiple takedown requests - we've working on it.

No. The study plans themselves can be viewed for free on the website, and you can get a taste by going to our YouTube channel. For PrepSwift, we do have a few videos marked as (FREE) - you just need to create an account to view them.

Can I subscribe more than one month at a time?

We don't offer discounts for doing this, unlike many other test prep providers.

For three months, use For any other duration, buy multiples of three (or one)-month subscriptions from and contact the customer service representatives, who will be able to extend your subscription accordingly.

I initially registered using Google/Apple. How can I login using email (i.e, without Google/Apple?)

Assuming that the email address has not changed, simply reset the password (using your Google/Apple email in Step 4 below). Then you can login using your email (without having to use Google).

How do I change my password?

Step 1: Sign out of GregMat

Step 2: Click the blue "user" button on the top right corner

Step 3: Click the "Password" tab

Step 4: Enter your email address into the field and click "Get reset email"

Step 5: Click the link sent to your email address

Step 6: Choose a new password, enter it twice and click "Reset Password"

Step 7: Sign in with your new password

In case you cannot do that, the customer service representatives will be able to help.

Can I change my email address?

This is generally not possible due to logistical challenges. You'll normally need to cancel, wait for the subscription to expire, and then subscribe using the new account - progress data will be deleted when you do this. In some cases, this may not be feasible, so contact the customer service representatives in that case, who'll be able to advise on the best option.

How do I subscribe for multiple users (bulk subscription)?

Contact the customer service representatives. This is not for the average student, but intended for organisations or companies that wish to bulk-subscribe for their students.

How do I delete my GregMat account?

Go to and follow the instructions there.

Deleting your account is permanent; we won't be able to recover your account if you change your mind. Leaving the account inactive is usually a better choice.

You cannot delete your account when an active subscription is present. You must cancel your subscription first before you can delete your account.

Updated on: 14/06/2024

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