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One-on-one/private tutoring FAQ

Does GregMAT+ offer one-on-one tutoring?

Yes, with

Greg: Book a session with Greg (340, 6.0) to get advice on improving your GRE score. Sessions usually involve diagnosing strengths and weaknesses and forming a "big picture" plan one can use moving forward.
Leaderboard: Book a session with Leaderboard (170 Quant) to get advice on improving your GRE Quant score. Leaderboard is an amazing quant resource and writes many of the questions on the Greg Mat+ platform.
Ganesh: Book a session with Ganesh to get help on improving your Verbal or Quant (or both) score on the GRE. Ganesh is an up-and-coming tutor in the GRE world who possesses an intimate knowledge of the Greg Mat+ strategic repertoire. If you're struggling with certain Greg Mat strategies, Ganesh is your guy.
Sky: Book a session with Sky (165Q, 165V) for tutoring in Verbal and/or Quant for the GRE. She has experience in tutoring various subjects and will help to create and modify strategies that work for you. With having recently studied for and taken the GRE (shorter version), Sky has in depth knowledge of the GregMat strategies and can provide valuable advice for the exam.
Axel: Book a session with Axel for guidance on your study plan. Axel is a new tutor in the GRE world who excels at creating plans to tackle weaknesses. Axel's weakness was the Quant section, but he was able to craft a study plan that led him to increase his Quant score from 160 to 168 in just three weeks, scoring a 335 overall. Schedule a session with Axel if you are driven to eliminate your weaknesses and earn a great score, but aren't sure what steps to take.
Shreya: Book a session with Shreya to optimize your GRE preparation. She scored PERFECT 170 on Verbal and an impressive 163 on quant, for a combined score of 333. Sessions involve working through strategies, identifying areas of improvement in your problem-solving approach, and developing a study plan tailored to your needs.
Clare: Clare took the GRE several times and massively improved her score to a 331. She also has significant experience with tutoring from the other side, so she has a natural empathy for students struggling with the GRE. If you're looking for advice on improving your score, especially if you're stuck and have hit a wall, or with constructing a study plan with Clare's insights in mind, book a session with her.
Anna: Anna scored a near perfect score of 337, 6.0 (167 V, 170 Q) on her first and only GRE attempt. She has a passion for teaching and enjoys helping GRE students achive their dreams. Anna will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses and formulate a plan moving forward that can boost your GRE score.

Note that not all tutors listed above run sessions currently. If you want a session with Leaderboard, you'll need to email him - he doesn't otherwise tend to make slots available via the portal.

They tend to sell out quickly, so you need to be quick. If you can't find any slots, we recommend to keep checking, as new slots are added regularly. Conversely, seeing no slots available doesn't mean that we're booked for months either.

How much does it cost?

$50/hour for Greg, $40/hour for others.

How can I book a one-on-one tutoring session?

Only students with a GregMAT+ subscription may book sessions or view available timeslots.

Go to, choose a date where there are slots (indicated by the green dot) and book it.

Step 1: Go to the Tutoring page and select a day with available slots

Step 2: Select an available tutor and timeslot

The times shown are in your local timezone.

Step 3: Read the confirmation carefully and select "Yes, I'm sure"

Step 4: Fill out your payment details and complete the payment

A single user cannot book more than one tutoring session every four days, across all tutors. In some cases this may be undesirable, so contact the customer service representatives if this affects you.

Users wanting to book Greg's essay feedback or personal statement services should continue to use (the GregMAT+ subscriber requirement does not apply). If such services are marked as "sold out", contact

I get a 404 upon booking a session

It's a bug - don't worry. Normally this means that your session has been successfully booked; if you are in doubt, just contact the customer service representatives, who will be able to confirm for you.

What tips should one follow for a one-on-one tutoring session?

Please have a list of questions and/or problems you’ve already attempted and/or completed ready to discuss. Tutoring sessions that are entirely planned by the tutor do not go very well. The tutor might be covering topics you already know or topics that you don’t necessarily need. In addition, when you’ve already attempted the problems, you can readily explain your thought process. This makes it easier to diagnose where you went wrong.
If you haven't already, please complete the GRE Foundation quizzes (links here).
If you’ve already taken the GRE and approximately 15 days have elapsed, please have your diagnostic report (from the ETS website) ready to go. This is a document that outlines your specific performance on the test. In essence, it highlights your strengths and weaknesses.
It’s okay to treat the lesson like a therapy session. I’m obviously not a therapist and don’t purport to be, but it’s good sometimes to let our emotions about the test out. It’s cathartic.
You don’t have to show your face or anything like that during the meeting. But a good microphone or quiet setting is appreciated.

I would like to become a tutor for GregMAT. What should I do?


Updated on: 21/06/2024

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