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Live Classes

Do I need to join live classes?

No. For most students, they can just follow our study plans. Live classes are provided as a supplemental option for those interested and wanting to have an interactive experience. Similarly, live classes will be recorded, so you can watch them later as well.

What types of live classes do you have?

Things we've done on a live class include:

Have a coffee session (with Greg/Vince) - where you can ask general questions to Greg/Vince. Note that during peak times, we won't be able to get to everyone - it's on a first-come first-serve basis (so raise your hand on Zoom early)
New quant/verbal questions - we beta-test new questions in these classes to see how well they perform.
SoP (statement of purpose)/issue essay feedback - where Greg reviews a few random SoP/GRE Issue essays from students and gives feedback on them.
We also have independent classes about a particular topic or strategy.

How can I view past live classes?

If it's a recent class, lists the most recent classes that have been uploaded to the site
You can search for a particular class by using the search icon at the top-right of the website.

How do I Register for a Live Class?

You can register a live class through the calendar.

Once you registered successfully, you shall receive an email with zoom link.

Registering for Live Classes 1

Registering for Live Classes 2

You can also register for classes from the "Upcoming Classes" page under the "Classes" category of the website.

Registering for Live Classes Through Upcoming Page

Finally, you can also find and register for classes from the Mobile App:

Registering from Live Classes from Mobile App

Upcoming Classes

How do I Join for a Live Class?

Once you've registered for a live class, here's how you can join.

About 15 minutes before the class starts, there will be a "Join" button at the same place you registered for the class.

Joining the class from the "Upcoming" page

Joining Live Classes from the Mobile App

You're also sent an email for classes you register to with a link to join the class:
Email Invite for Live Class

Find nothing? Most likely it's just the end of the week, and we haven't yet released the schedule for next week.

How do I speak/ask doubts in a live class?

Raise your hand. That's how Greg/Vince knows that you want to speak.

Anything in the chat that you type will be visible only to the presenter (and maybe one or two other staff members - panellists in Zoom terms). In other words, it's not an open chat. The presenter will either respond back to you privately, or answer your question live (verbally).

Are live classes recorded?

Yes, and they'll normally be on the site a few days after the class.

Nothing seems to happen when I try joining a live class

This can happen if you haven't properly input your name when registering for the class - the customer service representatives can help you with this.

Updated on: 16/04/2024

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